March 31, 2015

Announcing the Boomtown - talech Partnership


Today, we announced our partnership with talech. We’re very excited to combine Boomtown’s next generation training and support services with talech’s proven tablet-based POS. I believe, together, we’ll raise the bar for what local merchants should expect in a tablet-based POS and the training and customer support that goes along with it.Over the last 9 months, we’ve been collaborating on our combined proposition for merchants, and over that time the team at Boomtown grew increasingly impressed.

First, the talech team knows how to execute. There are plenty of “idea people” in Silicon Valley but few are as effective as the team at talech. They are focused on the details and know what matters. And they do it day in and day out. It’s impressive.Second, the team understands how to partner in the interest of delivering a great customer experience. This allows each of us, Boomtown and talech, to focus on our core strengths: talech on building a great tablet-based POS; Boomtown on installation, training and support - anywhere in the country. Leveraging our combined capabilities, versus trying to do everything (like others in the space), leads to a great customer experience that is highly scalable. The release of talech’s premium offer puts talech in a unique place to capitalize on the inevitable shift of mid-market retailers and larger full service restaurants to next-generation business solutions. This shift starts with the POS.

Merchants are increasingly demanding next-generation software combined with a cost effective, consistent and reliable support experience that is technology enabled. Tech support in market today is often expensive, poor and inconsistent. There is a wide variance in technician skillset and quality of work which often leaves issues unresolved and merchants unhappy. However, not all of this is on the technician; historical tech support records vary or are nonexistent, and technicians are too often trying to solve problems with minimal context. On top of that, expedited scheduling and dispatching of technicians is mostly unheard. Empowering Boomtown technicians and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed leads to a great merchant experience. Our technicians are certified on talech before they go onsite, ensuring consistency each time.

Together with talech, we’re able to onboard merchants so they spend less time learning a new system and more time building their business. Our “white glove” installation provides merchants with a full site survey, network installation and software training. talech merchants also receive proactive network monitoring, alerting them when issues arise before they disrupt the flow of business. This is why we are so excited about our partnership with talech and look forward to continuing our innovation in this dimension of the customer experience.

- Alfred ‘Chip’ Kahn IV, The Mayor of Boomtown