What's New

Boomtown <> Seismic - Integration Release


The latest in Boomtown’s line of integrations, Seismic is a sales enablement product that allows organizations to orchestrate engaging buying experiences at scale.

How it works

Seismic’s document management system aggregates documents from multiple systems, making it simple to browse, search, and share documents with prospects and customers.

Boomtown’s integration with seismic is fitting and natural, serving to extend and amplify our Knowledge Delivery capabilities toward sales team use cases. Our focus has heretofore centered on knowledge management (as opposed to document management) - this integration will enable our partners to aggregate all of their documents across multiple systems in tandem with their customer knowledge, giving them access to those documents in the same view as their contextually-driven communications with their customers.

Boomtown’s Seismic integration intertwines your Seismic Content into every customer engagement flow so that it’s easy to find, view, and share documents from a single view.

The Integration provides the following features:

  • Actions
  • Search
  • Browse
  • Livesend Link Generation
  • Document Preview
  • Omnichannel document access across workspaces
  • Views
  • Favorites
  • Recently Access
  • Document Preview

Integration View: