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Boomtown Release Notes: July 2021

The next release is on 7/15/21 at 8pm PST.

This release we are updating our URLs so all users will now log into our new interface. We are also launching an update to our SDK configurators and a number of performance updates and bug fixes.

URL Update to New Interface

With this release we are updating the URLs for our new and old web app interfaces. 

When you log into app.goboomtown.com, you will now log into the new interface. No action is needed on your end. There will be no changes to app-new.goboomtown.com so if you have SSO set up it will continue to function as it does today.

If you still need to access the legacy interface, it will remain available to use. Please reach out to your primary point of contact or email us at [email protected] for access.

For anyone that hasn’t already started using the new interface, we have created a new knowledge base to help with the transition, which can be accessed at https://help.goboomtown.com

If you are looking to submit remote or field service requests to Boomtown Services in the new interface, here are a few articles to get you started:

WebChat & Support SDK

With this release we are making it even easier to integrate, update, and customize your in-app customer experience. We took the customizable JSON where you can edit text, colors, spacing, and all other appearance changes to your SDK, and moved that code to the SDK configurator in the cloud. This means that you can now make changes to your SDK’s in-app appearance without having to release any new code or release a new version of your app.

Other WebChat and SDK Updates:

  • Fixed an issue where the Route to Team field was not working correctly on WebChat and SDK
  • Updated some dark mode default colors to allow the SDK to work in dark mode off the shelf
  • Fixed a bug that periodically prevented you from downloading the SDK JSON configuration file from the configurator
  • Added Journeys as a new home screen options for the SDK to display active journeys to your customers and easily keep them informed throughout the experience

Salesforce App Updates

  • Updated custom field syncing so fields sync on initial creation and not just updates
  • Enhanced logic to prevent duplicates from being created when there are multiple edits to a single object in Salesforce within a few seconds
  • Fixed a bug that periodically prevented notes syncing from Boomtown to Salesforce 

For additional details about the latest Salesforce app version, click here.

Performance & Stability

We continued to reduce the load time for screens across the application as well as enhanced the reliability of our messaging across chat, email, and SMS.

We also added new functionality that allows teams to chat with customers with the Boomtown app open on multiple browser tabs at the same time.

Core Updates & Bugs

  • Updated the language in Case Events for adding files, changing Customers, updating statuses, escalating Cases, and assigning Cases
  • We added a ‘load more’ option at the bottom of the Case Events timeline so you can see more than just the last 25 events
  • Fixed a bug causing event timelines to appear blank for some users 
  • Fixed a bug preventing some inbound images from showing up in SMS threads
  • Fixed a bug where the chat tiles would disappear after clicking the back button
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the All Unassigned Cases and My Team’s Unassigned Cases would get stuck
  • Fixed a bug where users in an Ecosystem couldn’t always see the Owner Team when owned by a different organization
  • Fixed a bug where text in a Case or Work Order field didn’t wrap when copied from Google Sheets
  • Fixed a bug that caused Collaborator Users to not receive automated update emails
  • Fixed a bug where the activity on the Case card goes away when the card is clicked
  • Fixed a bug with the Report filter for ‘Created’
  • Updated the required fields when creating a new Customer. Only Customer Name is required
  • Fixed a bug where searching for a Location ID and clicking on a Customer resulted in a malformed URL
  • Added ability to edit the Owner Team and Sponsor Team from the Edit screen (with a custom Layout)
  • Updated filters on Case Views for Priority, Tags, MID, Status, and Collaborating Teams
  • Added new permissions for Knowledge Article Templates
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a Knowledge Article in search results doesn’t always open the Article 
  • Updated the external Knowledge Base to return more than 15 results when using the default theme
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from bulk adding Tags to Knowledge Articles
  • Fixed an issue with Service History not showing for all Connect Users
  • Fixed a bug related to setting up a Google Calendar sync with Boomtown
  • Updated the Case screen in the old interface - changed the field ‘Categories’ to ‘Tags’ in the and added the ‘Category’ field from the new interface
  • Fixed an issue where Work Order statuses were not showing up in global search results
  • Fixed an issue where Work Order statuses were not updating from New when they are claimed
  • Updated the Statuses at the top Case screen to properly display Work Order statuses
  • Our RingCentral integration is now live on RingCentral’s production environments and available to be used

As always, if you have any questions please email us at [email protected]