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Boomtown Release Notes: January 2021

The next release is on Thursday, 1/21 at 9pm PST.

We kicked off the year with a short cleanup sprint focused on core workflows, knowledge, and infrastructure.

Here’s what’s going live with this release:

Core Workflows

  1. Added a required field indicator on Owner Team on a Case
  2. Fixed a bug that caused text from the Troubleshooting Steps and Resolution Notes fields to sometimes get deleted in certain use cases 
  3. Updated Forms to allow ‘0’ to be entered into a number field (previously this would result in a blank field on the form data)
  4. Added a character limit indicator to the Case Name field (previously it was limited to 96 characters but there was no limit indicator on the field UI)
  5. Fixed a bug preventing cases from being created when a Form was attached
  6. Fixed a bug where users were unable to add Contacts or Locations to Customers
  7. Updated Work Order creation screens to show Forms when filters match

Case Views & Filters

  1. Added additional filters to the Case Filters/Views for Customer Name, Location Name, Customer MID, Customer Segment, and Case Priority
  2. Added new date field operators to make it easier to quickly apply date ranges (e.g. Yesterday, Today, Last Week, Last Month, etc.)
  3. Updated the Insights panel to properly filter for Ready and Waiting statuses 


  1. Pasting image URLs from 3rd party sources now automatically converts those images into Boomtown-hosed images
  2. Fixed a bug preventing accordions from expanding in the Article view state inside Boomtown
  3. Fixed a bug preventing users from being able to remove Related Articles
  4. Removed the 300px default width for images uploaded to a Knowledge article so images will automatically upload at their actual size (within the maximum Article container width)
  5. Added the ability to resize tables within the Article editor
  6. Updated Article pagination so now you can access all results from an Article search rather than just the first 25
  7. Updated view permissions for embedded articles to allow proper access

SDK Updates

  1. Made it easier to edit SDK support options from the configurator
  2. Optimized Knowledge Article styling on small screens (mobile, solutions panel, etc.)
  3. Fixed a bug where text in new chats flashed outside chat bubbles on iPhone 7 and earlier
  4. Styling enhancements - Updated colors for icons, top navigation, menu list, and form buttons

Infrastructure & Security

  1. We made numerous enhancements to our infrastructure to increase stability and performance including a number of updates to optimize our cross-site failover process
  2. Updated our SSO/SAML2 Integration to allow for no/null Role to be defined for user authentication
  3. Blocked SVG file uploads to enhance security for stored Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities