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Boomtown Release Notes: August 2020

Release date: 09/03/2020 9pm PST.

The primary focus of this sprint was on fixing known bugs and continuing core updates to our new interface. We're been working closely with our partners to ensure we are addressing the most pressing needs and desires in our new app and we can't wait to share it with everyone. Starting this month we will get back into our regular cadence of posting release notes every 3 weeks and sharing all of our new app updates with you.

As a reminder, you can log into the new app at app-new.goboomtown.com with your same credentials.

Here's what's going live with this release:

Events Timeline Update

We overhauled the Events Timeline (formerly the Issue Log) in the new app to make each Event more readable and easier to scan. You will now see different types of Events with distinct titles and descriptions as well as who triggered the Event. These new events should make it easy to quickly understand everything that has happened on a Case.

We have a few remaining updates to make in the next release. We will add Communication Events (e.g. Email Received) so you have a unified timeline of all events across the Case as well as shipment notifications.

Email Conversation Panel UI Enhancements

We are continuing to enhance our email support product - both the functionality and the overall user experience to make it easier to support customers over email.

  1. We added a show/hide button to each message so you only see the latest message by default, but can click in and see the email history as needed
  2. Fixed a bug that sometimes displayed the email history on outbound emails in the wrong order.
  3. Updated the emails messages so when you receive emails with files, you no longer see duplicate versions of the full message, you just see the files that were received with the single message.
  4. Fixed a text-wrap issue when long links were present in the body the text would go off the side of the screen (with no horizontal scroll).
  5. We made a number of styling updates such as removing the chat bubbles, adding spacing between messages to make it easier to skim, differentiated styling on historical messages, and unifying the font sizes for consistency.
  6. Added a button on each message to allow users see the full details of each message sent and received (to, from, CCs, subject, etc.). This will help keep email threads clear for complex multi-party servicing workflows

Live Chats Selector

With this release we continued to enhance our Live Chat selector for teams that provide chat support. As a reminder, these are the boxes that appear in the top navigation that show you all the open chats that you own and any unclaimed chats that are in your queue (up to 7 total). Here are the updates we made:

  1. Updated the ordering of the chats so they remain in the same order (oldest to newest) so it’s easier to remember which chat is which
  2. Updated the notification dot functionality to not disappear on hover and only go away on click
  3. Updated unclaimed chats to be orange so it’s clear which chats are new and which are existing
  4. When you resolve a chat, it now disappears from your chat list (and opens a space for your next chat to appear)
  5. When a Chat user doesn’t have a first or last name, it now displays ‘?’ instead of ‘!!’

Knowledge Base Updates

We fixed a number of bugs in the knowledge base to increase overall usability:

  1. Fixed a bug where the counts on the labels did not always match the number of articles within that label
  2. Updated the expand label functionality so it only expands one set of sub-labels rather than expanding all sub-labels under that label
  3. Fixed a bug that prevented bullets from showing in the View state of an Article (even though they showed in edit state and on public knowledge base)
  4. Updated the back button so it doesn’t break after editing an article
  5. Fixed a bug where cloning an article would retain the stats for the previous article
  6. Fixed a bug where the product filters were not sticking on the knowledge home page
  7. Fixed a bug where bulk adding labels wasn’t always applying all filters

Views Updates

We fixed a few bugs related to Case Views and filters that will allow teams to now create the views they need to manage their own Cases and their Team's Cases.

  1. Fixed a bug with the Owner User, Owner Team, and Source filters. They were previously displaying no records.
  2. Added a filter option for ‘Escalated’ Cases
  3. Fixed a bug with the ‘Default Display’ field when saving a View. It now saves your preferred default display for each view (e.g. Card, Table, Kanban)
  4. Fixed a bug where the remove button for filters didn’t work

Suggestions Updates

We continued to enhance the quality and experience of our suggestions in the new Solutions panel. This release marks a big milestone in our shift to the new interface as we will no longer be showing suggestions in the chat panel (so suggestions will no longer appear in the old interface) to reduce the noise when chatting with customers.

Here are the updates we made:

  1. We increased the required context in order to receive suggestions. Previously you would get suggestions solely based on the customer history and organization data when the Case data was blank, now you need at least one data point across a case name, description, or communication (e.g. an email) to trigger the first article/tag/product suggestions. This helps ensure that we are only sending suggestions to users when they are more likely to be valuable.
  2. Removed suggestions from chat conversation to reduce noise (suggestions now only appear in the solutions panel in the new interface)
  3. Now that suggestions are out of the conversation panel (less noisy), we have allowed our suggestions to update more often. Rather than being on a time series for updates, suggestions will now update with each new bit of data and context that is added to a Case (e.g. new email received, new note added, new tag added, etc.)
  4. When you reject a suggestion, it will now hide from the solutions panel to clean up the interface and allow more space for new suggestions. Accepted suggestions will remain on the screen.
  5. When you accept a Product Suggestion, you will not receive any new product suggestions for that Case (you can always tag more on the case manually). Since most Cases are related to a single product, this will help focus new suggestions on more valuable suggestions such as Articles to help solve the customer's issue or answer their question.

Support SDK

We added the option to include Case History as part of our Support SDK configuration. This will allow customers to access historical chats to reference articles, answers, or other information that was shared with them in those conversations. This should help teams reduce the number of repeat Cases from customers asking for the same information.

We also updated the styling for our knowledge base when displayed on various thin surfaces (e.g. SDK on mobile, webChat, Solutions panel). This will ensure our knowledge content is more responsive across all surfaces where it can be accessed. This will be rolled out over the upcoming sprint.

ToolBox Updates

We kicked off a project to begin an overhaul of our Toolbox application. Over the coming months we will be building a new Toolbox app as an SDK and making a number of enhancements as part of that process. We started that process by fixing a handful of known bugs with the app on both iOS and Android.

  1. Fixed a bug where submitting closeout then cancelling on popup adds duplicate billable items
  2. Jobs list opens first available job when refreshing or re-opening app
  3. Toolbox Android doesn't open links in chat
  4. When a Toolbox iOS user changes their language and saves, the language reverts back
  5. Toolbox speaker mute doesn't work
  6. Advertised jobs not displaying on main screen in Toolbox Android
  7. Android: No flashlight option in android during video chat
  8. SSL error retrieving images in chat on KitKat

Bugs Fixes & Other Platform Updates


  • Added the Active Support Time counter to the top of Case details
  • Removed the ‘Change’ option from the Resolution Status field
  • When you reopen a Case, you now only need to click Reopen once instead of having to click save after clicking Reopen.
  • Added the User’s full name next to the ‘Me’ option in the owner picklists


  • Updated alignment of stats in the insights panel
  • Updated the alignment and icons of the buttons in the email and chat composers
  • Updated the titles in the Conversation panel to be more clear which conversation you are in (chat vs email vs internal chat, etc.)
  • Adding some padding around the Case display and filter icons 


  • Fixed a bug where adding Users and Teams in Settings was displaying a blank form
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Cases from being deleted
  • Updated Chat Transcript logic to only send for chats (webchat, sdk, connect) and exclude other channels such as email and SMS
  • Added Work Order Submission forms to the Work Order Creation workflow in the new interface
  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to add more than one product to a Case
  • Updated the Escalate functionality to automatically populate the Teams and Users to simplify the escalation process and prevent escalations from accidentally being assigned to the wrong teams or users
  • Fixed a bug where the small-screen navigation drop down would go blank after refreshing the screen. Also updated this picklist to display ‘Settings’ when you are in the settings section and enable you to navigate back to other sections of the app.
  • Updated the buttons on the ‘Add Product’ screen when manually adding a product to a Location
  • Updated the Case Description field to auto-resize as you type. This will make it easier to add and review long descriptions (previously it was set to a height of 3 lines with a scroll).
  • Removed the double buttons showing when creating a Work Order from the global create button
  • Added back the missing ‘Send Survey’ button for manual surveys in new interface
  • Fixed a bug where surveys weren’t sending when the Owner Team and Sponsor Team were the same

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at product@goboomtown.com

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