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Boomtown Release Notes: 8/17/21

The next release is on Tuesday, 8/17/21 at 8pm PST.

As a reminder, we recently updated our product delivery process and we will now be releasing new features, updates, and fixes every two weeks going forward. Releases will happen on Tuesday nights.

This release has some bug fixes, performance updates, and Virtual Assistant enhancements. Here's what's going live on 8/17:

Core Updates & Bugs

  • Fixed a bug causing some Knowledge Articles to not display in the external knowledge base
  • Fixed a bug where the back button wasn't retaining saved filters and views on Cases screen
  • Fixed a bug where File Upload fields on external forms was showing up as a text field
  • Fixed a bug where Product Lists on Articles were showing the Product Index (all Products) instead of an Organization's Product List
  • Fixed a bug where the File Added Event was sometimes being shown twice on the Case Events Timeline
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate emails were sending for some events
  • Updated the Events Timeline to show the user who made each update
  • Updated Location Layouts to show Standard Organization Layouts when viewed as a Service Provider
  • Fixed a bug preventing large forms from being properly cloned
  • Fixed a bug where emails containing curly brackets ({ or }) would prevent the emails from displaying properly
  • Updated the RingCentral integration to automatically resolve Cases for abandoned calls

Virtual Assistant

  • Added the ability to attach Knowledge Articles to Bot Responses
  • Added ability to optionally append data to fields instead of overriding field data
  • Enhanced our Q&A (Question and Answer) functionality to better match user inputs and deliver accurate results


  • Updated the process for receiving and displaying chat tiles and new chat messages to load faster
  • Made a number of updates to our list queries to reduce the load time for Case and Customer screens

Salesforce Application

We launched version 1.7.1, which had two updates

  • Fixed a LimitException when too many queable jobs were added to the queue from simultaneous background processes
  • Fixed a bug preventing new tokens from saving in some Salesforce environment

As always, if you have any questions please email us at [email protected]