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Information Everywhere: The Importance of the Modern Orchestration Layer (White Paper)

Can companies get past the pull mentality of the Web 1.0 era and embrace a push philosophy that weaves orchestration technology together with knowledge workers in the AI era?

Improvements in search can’t outpace the accelerating rate at which we create data. This was predictable.

Pull technology is losing relevance as the scale of information and data explodes. AI-driven knowledge delivery needs to be built into an orchestration layer that is able to tap into all of a company's underlying knowledge and data repositories.

The Modern Orchestration Layer? What is it? Why do I need it?

  • Times have changed, and so must knowledge acquisition capabilities
  • The old ways of gathering knowledge are outdated
  • Thumbing through PDFs takes ages
  • The "push" model enables greater efficiency
  • Reduce Response Times
  • Improve Quality of Service

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