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Boomtown Reviews: ShopKeep iPad POS

The Basics

In this edition of Boomtown Reviews we will be looking at ShopKeep, a cloud-based iPad point-of-sale system based out of New York City. Originally founded by a former Brooklyn wine store owner, ShopKeep has been known as a merchant-friendly solution that was designed by a merchant. ShopKeep was specifically designed to run on an iPad and the first version of the iOS app was launched in August of 2011. ShopKeep can run on any iPad 2 or newer that runs iOS 7 or higher, and now boasts roughly 15,000 merchants throughout the US and Canada. Keeping with the merchant-friendly theme, ShopKeep has been known to add features to its easy-to-use interface that came directly from customer feedback and requests. There’s a lot to say about this cloud-based point-of-sale, so let’s dig in!

The Rates

ShopKeep has a very simple pricing model – just $49 per month, per register. There are no set-up fees, transaction costs, contracts or commitments, which makes this a very popular solution for small to medium size merchants. ShopKeep is also unique in the sense that it allows merchants to select their payment processor of choice, while also offering their own processing solution – ShopKeep Payments. With this come varying processing rates that are based on multiple factors like the business type and merchant credit history.

The Features

As I briefly mentioned above, ShopKeep’s interface is extremely user friendly and easy for all employees to learn. All menu items can be color-coded and the layout is easily customized to each businesses requirements. Merchants can use built-in modifiers to ensure each customer order is exactly as they request it. It also allows for customers to sign directly on the iPad and receive receipts via email which eliminates the need for printed receipts and reduces waste. ShopKeep also has a built-in loyalty tracker which will automatically print or send vouchers or coupons to customers after they hit specific purchase thresholds.

ShopKeep’s built-in employee management is another feature that is popular amongst its merchants. Employees can clock in and out directly from the iPad which makes managing time sheets a breeze. Business owners can also assign employee level permissions based on each employees role. Managers can access reports and payroll, while cashiers can simply ring up guests. It also gives employee-level reports which shows individual performance such as sales per day.ShopKeep also has some handy integrations that help merchants manage their business and customers. It integrates directly with QuickBooks so sales data is easily digested for accounting purposes. ShopKeep is also partnered with companies like PayPal, which allows merchants to accept PayPal payments, and MailChimp, which provides an easy-to-use email marketing platform to engage with customers and send special offers.

The Highlights

One of the standout features of ShopKeep is its upgraded inventory tracking features. ShopKeep allows merchants to easily manage a database of up to 10,000 SKUs, all of which can be bulk uploaded or scanned by a barcode scanner. This also now allows merchants to adjust tax rates for each product, so retailers selling items like cigarettes and jewelry can automatically apply the correct additional tax. ShopKeep also has a unique raw goods tracking, which allows merchants like bakeries or coffee shops to track their individual ingredients – such as flour, sugar, coffee beans, etc. – directly in the interface. With the ability to track up to 10,000 SKUs, it’s understandable to feel like the interface can get cluttered. ShopKeep allows for up to 3,000 item buttons to display and they built in a handy search function so merchants can easily find the item they are looking for.

ShopKeep is also unique as it has its own hardware store on its website. This allows merchants to buy the exact hardware they need without having to worry about whether or not it is compatible with their ShopKeep POS system. Not only do they sell individual hardware like cash drawers, barcode scanners and printers, but they also sell starter kits for new merchants. They have starter kits for each business type – retail, quick serve and restaurants – and sell the bundles at a discount instead of purchasing individual hardware. For those merchants who are looking to complete their EMV transition, ShopKeep sells EMV card readers that are also ApplePay compatible.

Who It’s Best For

ShopKeep states that most of their current 15,000 merchants are retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants and bars. We feel it is best suited for small-to-medium sized retailers and quick-serve restaurants or Café’s. The ability to manage a database of 10,000 inventory items further solidifies that fact. The lack of the table grid makes it more difficult for full service restaurants and larger bars with table seating to utilize ShopKeep efficiently.

If you have any specific questions about ShopKeep or are in the market for a new iPad POS system, leave us a comment or email us at We’re always happy to help!

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