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Boomtown Release Notes: October 2020

Our next release will be on 10/15 at 9pm PST.

This release we continued to focus on enhancing the core workflow in the new interface, increasing the available customization in the knowledge base, and squashing reported bugs.

Here's what's going live next Thursday:

Next Case Flow

We introduced a new button to help answer the question, “what should I work on next?”. When you’re viewing a Case and then resolve it, set it to waiting, or reassign it to another Team/Owner, you will now see a button at the top of your screen that says, ‘Next Case’. Clicking this button will take you to the next Case that needs your attention. The prioritization for presented Cases is:

  1. Unclaimed Chat (owned by a Team you are on)
  2. The top Case in your Ready to Solve group from My Work (i.e. Status = Ready)
  3. The top Case in your Unassigned list (i.e. unassigned Cases owned by a Team you are on)
  4. If there is nothing that needs your attention, it will route you back to My Work.

Return to Team (Unassigned) From Waiting

Setting a Case to waiting helps improve your ability to keep track of what need your attention at any time, but what happens when you may be off shift or out of the office for a while? Of it your team prefers to focus on speed of response over continuity of Case owners. When you set a case to Waiting, you can now optionally have the case return to your Team as unassigned rather than coming back to you when it returns to a Ready status.

Knowledge Base Updates

Customer Single Sign On (SSO)

With this release we extended the knowledge base login functionality so Organizations can use single sign on to authenticate customers from their existing systems rather than use our password management system

Customer Segmentation for Knowledge Base

Organizations can deliver dynamic content experiences based on their customer profiles. We extended the Customer Segment field to our Article Access Controls to enable teams to show or hide content based on the authenticated Customer's Segment.  

Other Knowledge Updates

  • We enabled the use of Javascript in our knowledge base HTML templates. Organizations can now use Javascript to create custom functionality on any of their knowledge base pages, including global updates to all pages.
  • We also enabled Organizations to host their own SSL certificates in the knowledge base if desired. We will continue to provide free integrated SSL certification hosting by default.

Email Enhancements

  • Updated email functionality to allow user to upload multiple files to an email
  • When you load a case with a long email history, we now minimize the older emails so it’s easier to scan your emails and find the latest one that needs attention
  • We now load the latest email in a thread at the top so if you receive a long email, it will be easier to find the beginning of the email

WebChat Enhancements

  • Optimized WebChat for small laptops. Set max height to ensure the chat widget never goes off the top of the screen
  • New home screen design. The functionality of this new home screen will be the same as it is today and we will build on it in upcoming releases
  • Updated file and image previews to make them easier to preview and download
  • Grouped chat bubbles sent within two minutes to reduce clutter in the chat interface
  • Updated styling and placement of rating buttons so they are more differentiated from other action buttons
  • Moved buttons, images, and other objects outside of the chat bubbles to help differentiate them from text messages
  • Updated the knowledge base preview box styling
  • When a response button is clicked, we now transform that button into text to make the conversation easier to follow 

Managed Sponsor Fields

We enhanced functionality for Services Providers (Organizations that support the Customers of other Organizations) and their Ecosystems. Services Providers can now create custom fields that can be shared and seen by all their partners in their Ecosystem. This allows Service Providers to create a single custom field that they can display to all partners rather than having to create custom fields on every organization’s overlay. This becomes especially powerful when integrating data from third party systems and sharing that knowledge with your desired partners.

Support SDK Cordova Plugin

We extended the accessibility of our Support SDK by creating plugins so it can be used with apps built on Cordova (in addition to native iOS and Android). This allows partners to integrate our SDK in their Cordova apps and have it work on both iOS and Android from a single build.

Other Platform Updates

  • Added real time event-based updates to Case Views so the Case list automatically updates when a new Case is received
  • Added notification badges on additional communication threads when there is new activity (e.g. Email 1)
  • Added a Files tab in column 2 of the Case screen to more easily access files on a Case
  • Updated the Waiting Icon to show as selected when a Case is waiting. You can now click it again to change it back to Ready
  • Completed a number of security and compliance updates across the platform 
  • Continued to make enhancements to how Events are displayed in the Events Timeline on a Case
  • Made a few enhancements to the experience of creating, viewing and exporting reports
  • Updated SSO SAML2 integration to support encrypted assertions and role lookup by name
  • Enhanced suggestions to prevent new suggestions for Tags and Products that have already been used or are already on the Case
  • Allowed Priority to be added to Case cards
  • Made a few enhancements to our Avaya Integrations for better Team mapping

Bugs & Updates

  • Prevented emails from being shown twice when files are attached to the email.
  • Fixed a bug preventing related articles from showing on public knowledge base articles that didn't have Product tags
  • Fixed a bug preventing fields from being required on customer survey forms
  • Updated the text on the File Upload Button (it was previously blank)
  • Updated Customer Name / Location Name mirroring for 1 Location Customers from the UI so they stay in sync
  • Updated the address field to show separate fields rather than grouped fields to make it easier to edit
  • Updated a filter bug on Views that had more than 4 combined filters
  • Fixed a bug preventing Custom Fields on Products from showing for some Organizations
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from assigning a Case from the menu on Case in My Work
  • Updated the Active Support Time counter to stop when Resolved and then remain at the same number once it moves to closed
  • Fixed a bug in the conversation panel where the selected tab did not show as selected
  • Fixed a few bugs related to creating custom fields and customizing page layouts
  • Updated a few API endpoints 
  • Updated a bug on Forms in the Support SDK that prevented picklist selectors from showing

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected].