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Boomtown Release Notes: November 2020

Our next release will be on 11/12 at 9pm PST.

As we continue with our phased rollout of the new interface (app-new.goboomtown.com), we are receiving a lot of great feedback from all of you. Thank you for that!

In this release we enhanced a number of surfaces across the platform from your feedback as well as fixed a number of bugs.


  1. Email Enhancements
  2. Knowledge Updates
  3. Solutions Panel 
  4. Platform Updates
  5. Bugs

Communications (Email)

We made a number of updates to our core email functionality and workflows. We are going to continue to make updates to our email product over the coming sprints.

  1. Updated the placement of file attachments to show below the message instead of on the right to provide more horizontal space for the message
  2. Updated the communications panel to load the latest message at the top of the screen to make it easier to quickly find the beginning of an email within a long thread
  3. Allowed for multiple new email addresses to be added to the CC field (previously could only add one at a time)
  4. Fixed a bug preventing files from displaying in the email threads when using additional email threads on a Case


Continued updates to our knowledge base - both on the internal and external surfaces.

  1. Surfaced ability for teams to use JavaScript in the Library HTML Templates to access the authenticated user’s Access Controls to create dynamic customer content experiences
  2. Updated our video upload functionality in the knowledge base to accept additional types of video files (MP4, WEBM, MOV, AVI, MKV)
  3. Updated the configuration on embedded Tables to 1) allow alternate rows styling to be disabled and 2) remove the border from the table
  4. Updated the Download to PDF function to include images (they were previously blank)
  5. Updated the count shown on Labels to exclude any recently deleted articles. These Article counts on Labels now update in real time when you clone an Article (no need to refresh)
  6. Fixed a bug preventing the option to add a shadow to images in Articles
  7. Fixed a bug preventing users from using a label name which is the same as one that was previously deleted

Public Knowledge Base Styling 

We created a new knowledge base theme that has a more modern and minimal style. A few of the styling updates and functionality enhancements include:

  1. Revamped home screen with new hero banner styling, customizable text, and label styling
  2. New search bar, loading icons and search results overlay (no longer moves content on the screen)
  3. Revamped sub-pages that clearly differentiates labels from articles
  4. Removed excess information from both label and article boxes on sub-pages for simplicity
  5. Removed banner and search bars from all sub-pages to focus on the article content
  6. Created a secondary search bar in the top nav with a new search drop down
  7. A dedicate search results page with additional search filters (coming soon)

Solutions Panel 

Updates to our Solutions Panel on the Case view to make it faster to accept and reject suggestions and take action on them.

  1. Updated styling and functionality of the accept and reject buttons on the Article, Product, and Quick Reply suggestions
  2. Using/Accepting an Article from the Solutions panel now copies the URL of the Article to the clipboard for quick sharing with customers and appends the Article Introduction text to the composer
  3. Reduced the time it takes for initial suggestions to appear and update in the Solutions panel

Platform Updates

We made a number of small enhancements to the core workflows across Cases, Forms, Surveys, Settings and more. Here’s a summary of what is going live:


  1. Added the Resolution Status and Resolution Notes fields to the view state for Resolved Cases
  2. Added a required field asterisk on Contact since a Contact is required to save a Case. There will be more updates on the required field UI in a future release
  3. We hid the Edit button on Cases for users that do not have Edit permissions for that Case (previous we just showed an error saying they can’t edit them)
  4. The Case Form field now appears below the Products field when there is a Form on a Cases (e.g. for job submissions)
  5. Added a clickable Contact placeholder when Contact fields are all blank allowing you to more easily update the blank Contact
  6. Updated the titles of columns 2 and 3 of the Case to be selectable text
  7. Updated our file attachment component to allow users to add multiple files to a Case or email at one time (vs having to do multiple uploads)
  8. Updated auto-send surveys so they only send once (rather than sending after every reopen/resolve)

Lists: Cases, Customer, My Work

  1. Added local search to the Cases and Customers screens. This will be faster when you know the specific object you are looking for and will help with bulk actions when we release that feature in an upcoming sprint
  2. Added new date operators to Views Filters (e.g. Today, Last week, Last Month, Last X days)
  3. We now refresh the My Work page after you assign a Case so you see the latest case list

Forms, APIs, Settings, Other

  1. Added a filter for Category on Forms so you can decide to only show certain forms based on the Category field (e.g. Activation vs Training)
  2. Added a custom Page Layout for Work Orders
  3. Made the text of the Team Inbox email address selectable so you can now easily copy/paste them
  4. If your organization does not have an Ecosystem, you will no longer see Owner Organization in the Details tab on a Case
  5. Made a handful of API updates including allowing teams to set the Owner Team of a Case, enhanced our custom field endpoints and added limits to the /customer/get to increase speed and performance
  6. Finally we made a number of security and performance enhancements across the platform

Bugs Fixed in the New Interface

  1. Fixed a bug related to setting the ‘Relative to’ time when you set a Case to waiting. We also fixed a bug related to setting a Case to Waiting when there was no Owner
  2. Updated the Start and End Date inputs on the prebuilt reports 
  3. Fixed a bug that sometimes sent a blank message to the customer when a case was reopened from a specific status
  4. Fixed a bug where a ‘TypeError’ error would sometimes show when loading the events timeline
  5. Added a new error message when a user attempts to log in with a bad email/password
  6. Fixed a few bugs related to uploading, viewing, and sending files across knowledge and email
  7. Fixed a bug preventing text area fields from resizing to the size of the text input
  8. Fixed a bug on forms where it was not displaying the Optional/Required radio button on fields after it was set
  9. Fixed the Claim action from the menu dropdown on the My Work screen
  10. Fixed a bug where deleting a Case from Next Unassigned Case would hide the entire section
  11. Fixed a bug where you were unable to leave the Owner blank on a Work Order
  12. Fixed a bug preventing you from using the back button when you open a completed form from a Case
  13. Fixed a bug that logged users out of the platform when they had multiple tabs open at the same time
  14. Fixed a bug where it showed both the Customer Name and the Location Name at the top of column 1 on the Customer screen
  15. Fixed a bug where the Owner User field was not properly functioning for Views filters (also added the ‘Is Empty’ operator to this field)
  16. Fixed a periodic Case duplication issues for some SMS communications
  17. Fixed a bug related to text redactions in the communications panel

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to product@goboomtown.com.