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Order-Ahead with Apptizer on Poynt

Technology moves so quickly today that it can seem difficult for local businesses to keep up. The number of software tools and applications available to local businesses has exploded. But business owners are left wondering "I want to be innovative but how can I access applications?" and, more importantly, "what payment technology can I adopt today that won't be obsolete tomorrow? For these business owners, smart terminals like Poynt are the perfect answer at the right price.One of the key software innovations in the food service marketplace today is giving customers the ability to order ahead. Local businesses using Poynt can now enable order ahead capabilities for their customers by downloading the Apptizer on Poynt.

Why are order-ahead capabilities beneficial for the merchant?

When a merchant allows their customers to order ahead, this allows them to speed up the line during busy times of the day. With a few clicks of a button, the customer can simply decide on what they would like, pay and then pick up the order right when they arrive.

How does Apptizer on Poynt work?

First download the application and the Apptizer team will help you consult on different ways to build your profile and use the service. You're then able to allow customers to order ahead using the Apptizer iOS and Android Application. When the customer orders via the Apptizer Application they will receive a QR code. The customer can either pay before arriving or at check-out and uses the QR code to redeem the order.

How do I create my own private-labeled mobile application for ordering ahead?

Just as easy as creating a Facebook page, Apptizer can help you build your own custom-branded mobile application that customers can use on iOS or Android devices. This will come at the fraction of the price of coding and building your own proprietary application.

What does Apptizer on Poynt cost for a local business?

There is a 30-day free trial available for all Poynt merchants. Plans start at around $40/month per business (not per terminal). There are no additional service charges and Apptizer doesn't take a cut. With the initial plan, you get 500 orders and then there are different packages to scale. Apptizer can also help build custom packages that include having a private-labeled order ahead application.

Why should Poynt merchants start using Apptizer today?

  • It opens up new sales channels and has proven to drive higher average order values.
  • These order-ahead mechanisms also help drive loyalty amongst a business's customer base and increase purchase frequency.
  • Merchants get access to all their customer's information to use for other marketing campaigns.
  • Merchants can help serve remote customers and collect payment with the in-app payment facility.
  • It’s a powerful marketing tool to drive promotions to customers based on their buying behavior.

How can I get more information on selling or buying Apptizer on Poynt?

Feel free to reach out directly to if you’d like to learn more. If you’re looking to sell Apptizer & Poynt he'll happily discuss Boomtown's Poynt reseller program and the different incentives Apptizer will provide.

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